Balanced Growth that Respects our Diverse Communities

Cities are living places that change and grow over time, and our neighborhoods also transition. It’s time for our city to start directing growth in a way that values our character-filled neighborhoods, our green spaces and our unique Tacoma assets. I will work to ensure the economic opportunity of everyone in our community with thoughtful planning and an intentional focus on quality of life.

A Clear Path for Living Wage Jobs

Tacoma is built on innovation and hard work. We must clear the path for businesses, large and small, to thrive. In my 31 years working in collaboration with Tacoma’s businesses, I’ve found them always ready to do their part to help the community, whether it was sharing their private access roads or working cooperatively to safely dispose of dredged sediment. I will work to create opportunities for innovators to launch their dream.

Shared Streets to Move Us Safely

Our streets move our people, and our growing city must accommodate an increasingly complex and ever-changing mix of mobility options - transit, personal vehicles, delivery trucks, bicycles, scooters and accommodation of individuals who have different abilities. In 2015, a study reported that every eight days in Tacoma a child is hit by a car while walking or biking. I will work to ensure our streets our safe and well maintained.